A Summary of Services Offered (details below)

 Congratulations on taking the first step towards healthy eating habits for life. By visiting this website you are showing you’re ready to start making those simple ‘bitesize’ steps to a healthier you by:

  • achieving a healthy, sustainable weight
  • correcting body fat levels
  • boosting energy levels
  • improving your sleep
  • reducing your risks of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.                                                                                                                                                                                                           I will guide you through each step of this journey and you will learn how to make the right nutrition choices for your goals and your body. Let’s get started...

* One to One Consultations for Weight Management and Nutrition Planning

* Mentoring and Coaching to keep you on track

*Family Nutrition Planning for all the family to benefit from healthy eating

*Personalised Sports Nutrition Guidance including supplements and diet advice.

* Pre and Post Natal Nutrition Advice

* Childhood Nutrition


My services

I hold an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition certified by City & Guilds and am a member of the CMA (Complementary Medical Association). I can offer a range of nutrition and weight management advice, tailored to your specific goals and requirements. 

I offer a comprehensive healthy eating and weight management consultancy. 

We will sit down on a one to one basis in a relaxed, informal setting to assess your current eating habits and goals.

Prior to our initial consultation I will send you a short questionnaire to complete online and perhaps a food diary. This will enable me to prepare an initial report in advance of our meeting. I will analyse your body statistics to provide you with personalised guidance on every aspect of your diet including quantifying your macros (don’t let the ‘lingo’ put you off as I will be taking you through each step), portion control and meal planning.

One-to-One Consultations

As part of an in depth discussion about your current eating habits, your food intake and your nutrition goals, we will also review the personalised report and the changes you need to make.

We will then agree your short term and long term goals and nutrition plan for the coming weeks.

After the consultation I will prepare a personal diet plan for you detailing your targets for food groups and portions for each day with meal suggestions and strategies for implementing the new regime.
Further consultations will be agreed and depend on your goals, motivation and individual circumstances. 

These can include further one to one meetings, phone or social media consultations or a mixture of these formats.

Initial one to one meeting £55.

(One hour)

6 Week Mentoring and Coaching Package

This includes:

An initial consultation as above:

- an assessment of your current nutrition planning and short term and long term goals. 

- a personalised report showing your calorie and macro needs each day.

- a discussion about your current eating habits and strategies you can start to implement.

- a follow up review including a diet plan and further strategies.

- on going support and coaching via whats app and phone (usually contact is made 4-5 days per week)

- two further consultations (one at the end of week 2 and one at the end of week 4)

-a concluding phone consultation at the end of the 6 weeks,


(for 3 consultations and full time mentoring and coaching)

Family Nutrition Planning

A comprehensive service to get your whole family in the healthy eating zone.

This includes an initial consultation as above. This can be with the main household cook, both parents or all the family, depending on requirements and children's ages.

The initial consultation will include an analysis of a typical week's meals and an in depth discussion about family meals, weekly shops, foods available in the home, school meals/packed lunches etc. We will implement new strategies to get the whole family on a healthier diet and look at extra tweaks for the grown ups subject to their personal goals. 

The intention is to teach the family how to engage with a healthier way of eating and healthier lifestyle in general.

I will guide you through planning a healthy family shop, meal plan and snack guide.

Follow up consultations can be arranged and 2 are usually required.

Initial consultation £65

Follow up consultation £50

Sports Nutrition and Supplements Guidance

The consultation includes a personalised report showing macros and calorie targets as well as a discussion on how to plan your foods around your exercise regime and to suit the exercise you are undertaking to maximise stamina, muscle growth and fat burn.

I can offer advice on sports supplements including protein powders, creatine, HMB, BCAA and others. 

I am also happy to liaise with your trainer to get the most out of your training and diet regime.

Consultation £55

Pre and Post Natal and Childhood Nutrition

I am able to advise on suitable nutrition planning for before, during and post pregnancy as well as give advice to parents about the nutrition and eating habits for their children. Please complete the contact form from the link below or call me to discuss your requirements.